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About Mawar Coaching

Mawar Coaching (SA0544334-U) comprises of people who care for your development and that of the future generation. For many years now we have been providing services to support  people of all ages. From building language competencies, overcoming presentation skills fears, building an innovator's mindset to building resilience of a hero - the focus is always on building potentials. We’ll even work with you to design a customized plan of action for yourself or your organization.

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Courses and Coaching

Skills Today For Tomorrow

Mawar Coaching Enterprise offers a variety of services and programs. Some are customized to fit our clients specific needs. Courses that build professional development as well as personal enrichment. We offer courses that cater towards the needs of our clients of varying age range. We help realize potentials and dreams. Contact us today.

MAWAR Empowerment Program for Young Adults

The Path to Success

This is a 1 to 1 coaching service. We welcome young adults looking at developing their capabilities - in business, studies or their own personal growth. Our coaching services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. Our coaches are ready to work collaboratively with you throughout the entire process to achieve measurable results.

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English for Home Based Business

Fully online/Blended Learning

Develop Your Communication Skills

Achieving good English language skills is the hope and aspiration of many people. In Malaysia, business transactions are often carried out in Malay and in English. Planning to going global? This makes it important to build your command of English language. Don't lose out on half the potential market! Let us help you with language skills you need for your business success.

Who should attend? Anyone who wants to improve their English language skills -writing and speaking for work and general purposes. Ask for your Free 1st Consultation.

1 to 1 sessions or small group learning.

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Upskill and Reskill with e-Learning

Learn a new skill. Enrol in our online courses.

With the mco and rmco Mawar Coaching offers a wide range of fully online courses. Our courses are conducted partly asynchronous ( studying at your own time) and partly synchronous (same time online meeting sessions). Our award winning and experienced course designers are ready to coach you and help you acquire the necessary skills. We will guide you to your success. 

English for Home Based Business 

Workplace English Program (WEP)

English for Specific Purpose

ESP: Customer Service and Hospitality

ESP: Sales and Marketing 

Story Telling and Public Speaking 

The Online Teaching Course

The Essentials of eLearning

Teaching with Google Classroom 

Hobbies & Interests Series 

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The Online Teaching Course 
Online Delivery

A course on preparing you to be an effective online teacher or trainer.

With  the Covid 19 pandemic; there has been an increasing interest and need for moving teaching and learning online.

There is an urgent need to understand what teaching online really means. What are skills you need to hold a webinar?  What are the tools of the trade that you should have? Where do you start? 

At the end of this course, you will learn how to plan, design and execute online lessons using Google Classroom.

Learn some of the tried and tested effective methods and theories that work. Find out how blended learning can be used to enhance your lessons. Learn about the challenges and how to overcome them. 

Registration Open for individual or group. Click on Get in Touch for more details on this course. Whatsapp 012 3836885 to book a place or/and for more info

Story-Telling and Public Speaking in English

Unleash Your Potential- Building Communication Skills and Confidence

Story-telling and Public Speaking Course for Kids

Story-telling and Public Speaking Course for Adults

Fun filled activities in this Story-telling and Public Speaking Course. A course that incorporates drama, games and role-plays. Bring out the child in you and unleash your potential. Take that first step and register. Not only will our participants build oral presentation skills, develop reading and writing skills, they will also build courage and confidence.  Lots of laughter guaranteed!

Registration Open for Individual or Small Group. 

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Grooming Innovators of Tomorrow (GIoT) for Teens and Tweens Program

Grooming Innovators

No idea is insignificant! We groom thinkers! We inspire and empower! 

A program that combines work and play as students apply the FIVE I formula. Identify.Investigate. Invent. Introduce. Improve. 

We encourage curiosity. We nurture creativity! We build confidence. An all inclusive program that combines Arts, Language and the STEM subjects. Builds on Gardner's Multiple Intelligence. 

Learning in a safe and fun environment.

A program that develops 21st Century learning skills. 

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Building Resilience: Knowing Yourself and Your Potential ( 13 to 16 yo)

Guidance from experienced coaches.

Raising resilient children means preparing them to bounce back from any challenges. This fun filled program helps students learn about themselves and their potential; support circle, identify and manage fear of failure. At the same time, students learn effective techniques to build their resilience.

Certificate of Attendance
Learning Materials
Lunch & 2 Tea Breaks

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Whatsapp 012 3836885 to book a place or/and for more info.


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