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Unlock Your Potential and Be Empowered

Build Communication and Collaboration Skills

Develop Creative & Critical Thinking skills

Entrepreneurial Skills and Innovator Mindset. Find out more.


Mawar Coaching Enterprise (SA0544334-U) provides coaching and training to support personal and professional skills requirements. Our focus is always on building potential and encourage self-empowerment. Take charge and be in control. It’s about building self-esteem and confidence.


From coaching you and helping you set your life and career goals, to building language competencies, overcoming presentation skills fears, building an innovative mindset to building resilience of a hero. We work with individuals, groups or organization. Talk to us to learn more about our vision and coaching approach. Be the best version of you!

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The Empowerment Program : For Personal or Professional Goals

Helping you discover, identify, set and achieve your goals. Plan and Walk the journey.

Be the best version of you.

It isn't just about the training.

It's also about having someone to walk the journey with you. 

On top of training, we provide coaching too. Your partner.


Soft Skills are essential skills. 

The Better Communicator Program 

Find out about the courses that can help you to be both a confident and effective speaker

Courses that will help you improve your communications skills and build your vocabulary.

Leadership and Management Program

An essential course for leaders as they face the challenges of managing today.

The Innovative Mindset Program

What is the innovative mindset?

What does it take to become innovative and creative?

How do you develop the 21st Century mindset?

No matter the age or experience - here are essential skill to hone.

IT Literacy Program

Essential MS tools that you need to be competitive in the 21st century; and what more with the 

challenges of the  Covid-19 pandemic.

Businesses have moved online. Teachers and trainers have also moved their lessons online.

Join this TTT course to equip yourself with the right skills to be a successful ONSITE/FACE-TO-FACE and ONLINE trainer. 


Our award winning and experienced course designers and instructors are ready to coach and help you. 

Pre-requisite: To be successful in this course - you are required to have a good sense of humour. 

Be ready to build the language skills you need for effective communication - both professional and personal needs. Ready to participate in all learning activities and opportunities to learn.

Who should attend?

Adults who want to improve their English Language skills for personal, professional and business purposes. Small group learning. Reasonable Fees.

Lots of fun guaranteed.

This is THE course that will fast track you to be an effective trainer.

A comprehensive course that covers both theoretical framework and practical aspects of training. The course covers various and current training approaches - traditional, blended and fully online.

The course incorporates speech & drama, games and role-plays

Mode: Small Group Learning onsite at BSP/ Zoom

Registration Open for Small Groups. 

Course starts in March!

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