Soft Skills ARE Essential Skills. 

Develop your Soft Skills to Keep You Marketable and Ahead.

The Better Communicator Program 

*English Enrichment Program (Adults) L1-3 12-week 

*Basic English for Business (Adults) L1-3 12-week 

*Jom Berani Speak English! (Public Speaking for Adults) L1-2   12-week 

*Effective Presentation Skills for Adults 12-week 

*Active Listening for Better Communication  4 hrs

Leadership and Management Courses

*Conflict Management & Conflict Resolution Training  (1 Day)

*Diversity and Inclusion in Leadership and Management (1 Day)

Entrepreneur and Innovator Mindset Program

*The Innovator Mindset  Master Design Thinking 1-2 Day

* Starting A Home Business for Adults 2 Days

IT Literacy Program

*Working with Microsoft PowerPoint (Beginner) 3 hrs

*Working with Microsoft Words (Beginner) 3 hrs

*Working with Microsoft Excel (Beginner) 3 hrs

Our award winning and experienced course designers and instructors are ready to coach and help you.