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Teaching in 2020 - how was it for you?

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

I'll remember March 18th as the day it all happened - CMO; Covid-19 pandemic; work from home and online learning for all! Talk about fast tracked online education and 21st Century Learning.* (*more on this in future blog posts)

The sudden change in the way we work, learn, share and communicate due to the lockdown was very much an eye opener for many of us. Some were scrambling for computer purchases; smart mobile phones and so on. Some were looking for drawing tablets. How we all reacted! Once the fear .. excitement settled- the next question came - purpose and use of the devices. Eventually we got there.

Our mentees who had earlier attended our training took all these changes in their strides. Seamlessly converting from being more traditional in their classroom learning delivery to delivering online lessons - expertly using Zoom, Google Meet and what not.

There are those who had earlier attended our FREE webinars on how to handle online classes using Google Classroom (simply because it's free) and using web conference tools. Our webinars focused on student engagement especially when we realised how painful it was for students to sit in front of a monitor for 3 hours. Why design lessons that way?

Those who had joined us in one of our 15 webinars knew the importance of designing their lessons for online delivery. They knew how to generate engagement. That's because included in the webinars were tips on how to use free web 2.0 tools for engagement. We probably haven't even reached 1% of the teaching population in the country.

But come January 2021 - we'll be back - simply because we want to. We'll probably do more of this. We feel it's our responsibility towards the betterment of educational technology. We believe in supporting technology assisted education in the country. In the meantime:

Have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

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