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Resilience and I Will Survive! ( Part 2 )

Updated: May 18, 2021

Part 2 : On Building Resilience

This is a continuation of Part 1 on So what is Resilience?

MCO 3.0 and Hari Raya 3.0. As much as we hate it- I guess it was an absolutely necessary move. MCO 3.0 lockdown!

My immediate response was first to head to kedai pokok aunty and get my orchids and then shop online for seeds on Lazada. So, I'm all ready! Bring it on ... MCO 3.0.!!

Meanwhile if you go to the online arena; you'll find it is flooded with articles on self development, and building inner strength You might have come across the word resilience and you might be wondering what it is exactly. Do you have it? Born with it or built?

I concur that resilience is an important trait that can help us find our way in an increasingly complicated world. And complicated it is indeed with the pandemic. Many have lost jobs; while some are suffering from depressions due to so many reasons. ( Just being at home brings stress to some ) How do you cope? So what is resilience? Not an easy question to answer right.

At Mawar Coaching Enterprise, I offer free coaching ( from now until August 2021) to help you understand resilience. Don't miss this opportunity.

Especially if you are looking at ways to cope distressing situations such as job loss etc.

Find out

  • What is resilience and is there just one type?

  • What are the characteristics of resilient people?

  • What can you do to develop resilience?

  • Is there a plan or roadmap to building resilience?

Whatsapp 012 6496 885 and book a session with Coach Ibu Azlina

Happy to walk the journey with you.

Part 1 : So what is Resilience?

I know we absolutely need it during the MCO 2.0. Perhaps to understand resilience we need to look into ourselves and identify these qualities.

Some characteristics that people identify as part of being resilient. What do you think?

· I am my own best friend but I am open to others.

· I follow through the plans I make.

· I rely on myself.

· It is important for me to maintain my interest on matters.

· I multi-task and achieve a number of things at one time.

· I will use a variety of methods to manage situations and find solutions.

· I am proud of myself for having achieved and accomplished many things in my life.

· I am able to remain calm and maintain an open-mind when faced with problems.

Apa agaknya Daya Tahan/Resilience ni? Yang pastinya kita perlukan daya tahan semasa mengharungi MCO 2.0. Untuk memahami Daya Tahan ini, kita mungkin perlu mendalami diri sendiri dan kenalpasti unsur unsur berikut dalam diri kita. Ini diantar ciri ciri yang dikatakan berkaitan dengan daya tahan yang kuat. What do you think? Anda bagaimana?

· Saya adalah sahabat baik kepada diri saya sendiri tetapi manghargai orang lain.

· Saya akan mengikuti perancangan yang telah saya buat.

· Saya berupaya berdikari.

· Amat penting bagi saya untuk kekalkan minat saya terhadap sesuatu.

· Saya mampu mengendalikan banyak perkara dalam satu masa.

· Saya akan menangani sesuatu situasi serta masalah dengan pelbagai cara.

· Saya berasa bangga kerana telah mencapai pelbagai perkara dalam hidup saya.

· Saya boleh tenangkan diri dan amalkan bersikap terbuka apabila timbul sesuatu masalah.

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