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I thought I'd share this thought . . Presently many of us are facing events that we can't control - ones that are both frustrating and troubling. eg the rising number of Covid -19 cases in Selangor and in Malaysia. The heart-breaking needless deaths and violence in Palestine. In some ways, all impacting to some extent our physical, mental and emotional health. Yesterday in the evening I attended a webinar on 21st Century Learning for Asian educators and I repeatedly hear these words - be grateful and be adaptable and be resilient.

For many of us - working from home also pose challenges. Are you still one of those people who cant stop working or don't know to turn off the laptop after office hours at home? Then.. let's talk. (lol)

Then I looked up Mindful breathing. Read about "What is Mindful Breathing?"

Mindful breathing is a simple breathing exercise - easy and assessible to all. It can provide benefits such as a reduction in stress, increased calm and clarity, as well as the promotion of happiness. It's about being in the present and now.

It's about telling you mind body to STOP. BREATHE. THINK.

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