Why Innovative Thinking?

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower,” Steve Jobs, inventor and entrepreneur.


Innovative Thinking - a powerful traits to have - is often associated with motivation, attitude and skills,

In this program, you will learn to apply the process of problem solving that begins with understanding the problem eg unmet customer needs. To mastering the process that encompasses concept development, applied creativity, prototyping, and experimentation. Challenge yourself!


Join us and get answers to the following questions.

  • What does it take to become innovative and creative in solving problem?

  • Why is this skill needed for the 21st Century? 

  • How is this process applied? 

  • What are the steps?

  • And how will it affect me?

Innovative Thinking is a course that incorporates elements of design thinking and innovative  thinking. This is a compressed 2-day hands-on active learning course; where you will be immersed in the activities and experience the entire process from:

  • Discovering themes

  • Problem definition

  • Producing Ideas ( Divergent to Convergent)

  • Testing

  • Turning Ideas to Action


At the end of the course you will pitch your product or solutions to a small group of mentors and receive feedback. 

Mode of Delivery: Online and Onsite (2 Days)

Target audience :  Corporate/ Organizations/Academics/Undergrad Programs

Anyone who want to learn and build their skills- innovative thinking can be the start to solution of problems.


KIDNovators KIDpreneur Program

A course that guides our students in developing basic innovator thinking skills and basic entrepreneurial mindset in a fun and friendly environment. Unlike the more intense course for adults; this is a an extended 16 weeks course where our students learn as they build 21st Century learning skills. The focus is on developing critical thinking skills, communication and collaboration. 

At the end of the course students will pitch their products to a small group of judges and vie for the award and bragging rights! All in the name of learning and fun!

Mode of Delivery: Blended learning - online and onsite ( 16 weeks )

Maximum student in1 class:  10 students.

Target audience : 

Students who want to build innovative thinking habits

Students who want to improve their speaking skills,.

Ages 13 to 16 yrs.

The THINKING Course (L1 to L3)

A multi-disciplinary course aimed at developing  Critical Thinking Skills.

Students are presented with activities that require them to practice reading or listening critically for information. It also requires students to observe for clues to solve problems, make decisions, explain and support their decisions. A whole load of fun involved. Definitely a great way to develop language skills while exercising mental dexterity.


The Thinking Course is filled with real world examples to allow students  to explore and observe their environment with logic and reasoning. Suitable for students ages 13 to 16 yrs. This course develops 21st Century Learning Skills.

Mode of Delivery: Blended learning - Online and Onsite ( 16 weeks )

Maximum student in1 class:  10 students.

Target audience : 

  • Students who want to build their critical thinking skills.

  • Students who want to improve their speaking skills,.

Ages 13 to 16 yrs.

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