An essential course to help educators fulfill the nation's aspirations of nurturing students and helping students develop 21st Century Skills which place emphasis on thinking skills, life skills and value practices. 

The 21st Century Teaching and Learning Series will equip educators with the necessary skills that they can infuse into their classroom practices. Acquiring 21st century learning skills refers to nurturing the skills to think critically, to collaborate and communicate effectively.



  • The Flipped Learning Methodology (3h)

  • An Introduction to 21st Century Skills (3h)

  • Blended Learning: From Design to Practice (3h)

  • 21st Century Teaching & Learning Competencies (3h)

  • Engaging Students and Teaching with Web 2.0 Tools (3h)

  • An Introduction to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) (3h)

  • Teaching in the Online Environment: Facilitation Techniques (3h)

  • Engagement and the 21st Century Learning Skills (2-day course) (3h)



A course that will fast track you to be an effective online trainer.

A comprehensive course for new and experienced trainers.

It will address concerns that new online trainers may have.


What's in this course?

Learners and Learning Styles

Engagement and Challenges

21st Century Skills and Future of Learning

* Blended Learning Approach and Good Practices

* Developing Collaboration and Communication Skills 

* Active Learning Online and Offline

* Design Lessons with given criteria

Course Duration

  • 3 day Onsite Training

  • Fully Online Course (Instructor led)

Suitable for all all academics, trainers, facilitators as well as training managers. 

Fun filled program with lots of energizing activities to keep the momentum going!

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