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An essential course to help educators fulfill the nation's aspirations of nurturing students and helping students develop 21st Century Skills which place emphasis on thinking skills, life skills and value practices. 

The 21st Century Teaching and Learning Series will equip educators with the necessary skills to help them design lessons suitable to help learners acquire 21st century

Courses include: 


  • The Flipped Learning Methodology (6h)

  • An Introduction to 21st Century Skills (6h)

  • Blended Learning: From Design to Practice (2d)

  • 21st Century Teaching & Learning Competencies ( 6h)

  • Engaging Students and Teaching with Web 2.0 Tools (6h)

  • Teaching in the Online Environment: Facilitation Techniques (3h)

  • Designing my Lessons on Blackboard LMS ( based on requirement)

  • Designing my Lesson on Canvas LMS (based on requirement)

​For more information, contact Azlina at 012-3836885 or

Mawar Coaching Enterprise - a part of the winning team member of the 2020 Blackboard Asia Teaching and Learning Awards ( also 2018 and 2019 )

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