Trainers & Educators

Train the Trainer

This is THE course that will fast track you to be an effective trainer.

It will address concerns that new trainers may have; while addressing the need to adapt to current situations; including training in an online mode.  A comprehensive course for new and experienced trainers.

What's in this course?

* Aims & Objectives *Planning Your Sessions * Your audience * Learning Styles

*Creating the conducive environment * Engagement * Challenges * Assessment and Feedback *


The Online Learning Approaches * Essential Skills of the 21st Century Trainer

*Tools of the Trade * Practice


  • Designing for 21st Century Learning Skills

  • Engagement with Web 2.0 Tools for Educators & Trainers

  • Engaging Your Students with Games and Interactive Content

  • Designing Your Online Lesson: Using Google Classroom & Flipped Learning

  • Designing Engaging Learning Experiences with Gagne’s 9 Events of Instruction